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JayJayJanofsky   in reply to kevin   on

Grants or loans for disabled persons

 in response to JIM3...   

I went through the whole SS process and can explain to you what to expect. You first apply get turned down automatically, then you appeal then you get turned down automatically then you get an attorney and they take it from there. The process took one year, which is very rare usually after your attorney files the second appeal and turned down you get a date about a year later for a hearing. This is the one you make your appearance. I got lucky and was approved by a review committee after the date a year later was set. The process is designed to weed out the insincere but it takes its toll on the real cases deserving of consideration. I would like to advise you to get all your records in order from the first to last. The better your records are the better your case. Continue to see your doctors and get into a pain management and therepy programs. Everything like this will only make your case stronger. This is the way it went for me, I was extremely lucky. In the meantime your state should have assistance like Ohio I got $125.00 a month with food stamps and a Medicade card for medical. The money wasn't enough but the food stamps and medical assistance does help. If you have any more questions email me @ and if needed I'll give you my phone number if you need to talk. It's a tough wear you down process, high in there. I also would like to suggest that you look into alternative ways of making money but beware there are many scams out there as I have found out the hard way. THE INTERNET, such a great thing but is a great place for the low lifes to take advantage of us good people. It's really disheartening, I am still trying to make it and just recently I hope and believe that I found some good programs that might just help me make some money. Remember SS money helps allot but it really isn't enough to live a real full life on, you will get by better though. Well Good Luck I hope this helps or atleast puts your mind to rest a little.




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I look at all the posts here and I see people in greater need than I. I feel I should keep my request off so thers will be taken care of but I decided to let the Lord take care of this, yes I do have christian beliefs but believe all are children and respect their beleifs. I am a 55 year old disabled male who's only financial problem is keeping up with my electric bill. I am slated for disconnection by August 6, 2010. I do owe allot. If anyone can afford to help after all the others are helped I would deeply appreciate any help you can send my way. You can reach me at Thank you and God Bless you.



John R. Janofsky

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